Take a look at the individual Quantity Surveying and Estimating tasks that you can accomplish with TempTask

TempTask has identified the most widely requested tasks required from Quantity Surveyors or Estimators, and offers a revolutionary fully online platform to deliver your next individual task.



Bill of Quantities

Engage a TempTask QS to measure your next Bill of Quantities.  With BQ production becoming a dying artform amongst upcoming Quantity Surveyors, and Quantity Surveyors who have moved into more senior positions having insufficient time to devote to such a time intensive task, outsource your next requirement to a TempTask QS.  We have a panel of QSs and estimators fully skilled and experienced in BQ production in SMM, HMM, CESMM and NRM methods, who can accurately and efficiently deliver your next Bill of Quantities requirement.

Activity Schedule

If your next procurement strategy is to opt for an Activity Schedule, ensure that your next tender has a sufficiently detailed Contract Sum Analysis document in comparable form for ease of contractor or subcontractor evaluation, selection and evaluation during the works through to completion.  Engage a TempTask QS to produce your next Activity Schedule to ensure workscope coverage is accomplished, our panel have vast experience in modern procurement methodologies and the production of the necessary commercial documentation to make your next project a success from the outset.

Schedule of Materials

Need to know the materials required for your next project, either for procurement and buying, or for budgeting and forecasting purposes?  Maybe you have chosen to procure a labour only subcontractor and will be supplying the materials yourself.  Engage a TempTask Quantity Surveyor to schedule out the materials required for your project and let them do the hard work for you.

Interim Valuations

The importance of submitting bona fide interim applications for payment cannot be underestimated, particularly in light of recent case law in relation to the validity of applications, but more pertinently in terms of ensuring that your next application recovers your true entitlement and is paid on time.  Engage a TempTask QS to prepare your next Application for Payment, conduct on-site measurement if required, and evaluate any additional works undertaken outside of the original workscope to ensure that your submission recovers your true entitlement, is submitted in the prescribed contract timescales and you receive payment when you should.

Final Account Production

Just completed your scheme?  A TempTask Quantity Surveyor can remeasure the work that you have carried out, both on-site and from as-constructed drawings to ensure that your full entitlement is captured.  If variations, dayworks and additional works have been undertaken during the course of the project, a TempTask QS can accurately assess your entitlement in accordance with the terms of your contract to ensure correct evaluation and entitlement is recovered.

Estimating and Pricing

The TempTask panel of Quantity Surveyors and Estimators and highly skilled and experienced in pricing works from Bills of Quantities, Activity Schedules or from only drawings and specification douments.  If the scarcity of skilled and experienced resources who can properly estimate  projects, or an upturn in workload has stretched your estimating resource bank, a TempTask QS or Estimator can fill the void.  The importance submitting tender returns, and not simply returning tenders unpriced, cannot be understated if you wish to be considered a valuable supply chain member for future works.

Subcontractor, Materials or Plant Procurement

A TempTask QS can be engaged to procure your next requirement for a specialist subcontractor, materials requirements or plant needs.  Your TempTask QS will produce the necessary tender documentation, scour the market for matched providers and suppliers, send tenders on your behalf and produce a comparison report and analysis of returned tenders to help you make an informed procurement decision and deliver best commercial value to your scheme.

Contract and Subcontract Documentation Production

TempTask Quantity Surveyors are fully versed and experienced in many major Forms of Contract and Subcontract, including ICE, JCT, and the varying NEC Options, as well as capable of delivering bespoke Forms of Contract to suit your requirements.  Enagage a TempTask QS to produce your next suite of Contract Documents to ensure that your exposure is sufficiently limited and the fundamental foundation to your next project is adequately set out.

Claim Management

Sometimes things do not go according to plan, and you may find yourself in the awkward position of having to produce a claim to recover your entitlement, to protect your position or as damage limitation.  TempTask Quantity Surveyors are fully experienced and capable of analysing your true entitlement and producing the necessary substantiation to support your claims.  The claim process can be handled directly by your TempTask QS, allowing you to concentrate on more urgent duties, and if more formal claim procedures are necessary, TempTask Quantity Surveyors include experienced Arbitrators, Litigators and Mediators who can guide you through the whole process.

Late Payment Recovery

If you are receiving payment in full and on time, congratulations, you are certainly part of the minority.  For the rest, a TempTask Quantity Surveyor can be engaged to recover your late and outstanding payments in accordance with contractual and statutory protocols, and ensure that your entitlement is recovered quickly.

Benefits of TempTask

It's completely free to register, raise tasks and receive your task tender quotations, so please try us out without obligation, we are sure that you will be impressed with our service, and will see how beneficial our revolutionary online outsourcing platform can be for you.  Registration is quick and simple and takes only a couple of minutes via our online form.

All posted tasks on TempTask are tendered by our panel of matched Quantity Surveyors to ensure best value. 

Our TempTask Messenger service allows easy communication and file sharing tools during your task, and our ecommerce facilities make payment simple.

We look forward to welcoming you on board.

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