Engage a TempTask QS to help you get paid your entitlement and on time

Are you receiving your entitlement with Interim Applications for Payment and Final Accounts, and getting paid on time? If you are, then congratulations - you're probably part of the minority. 

For the rest, you are no doubt encountering the daily script of excuses as to why payment is late, delayed or disputed.

You've probably done all you can; put the hours in to undertake the work and satisfy the clients every demand, produced a bona fide Application for Payment, provided all necessary supporting information, submitted timeously within the prescribed Contract timescales or to the Payment Schedule dates, communicated with your client regularly and chased up the likely payment date, but are yet to receive payment by the due date, or worse still, not even been provided with a Payment Notice.

Undoubtedly, the agreed 30 day terms when you were expecting money to be in your bank have suddenly extended out to 60, 90 or 120 days, or possibly more.

If you do not have the resources of a Quantity Surveyor as part of your team, these issues can become compounded.  Quantity Surveyors are unique animals.  They speak the same distinct language, and like to communicate with their own species.  They like information to be presented in a familiar, readily identifiable format and in sufficient detail to easily identify how an evaluation has been derived in order to properly assess amounts properly due.  They understand Contract terminology, timescales, and the mechanisms that are required under the Contract.

Quantity Surveyors are, however, a heavy financial burden on a small contractor or subcontractor.  With average salaries for an experienced and competent Quantity Surveyor being circa £50k, and therefore a payroll burden of circa £75k and upwards, employing a QS resource can be costly, particularly if your requirements are not sufficient to keep your QS productive 100% of the time.  In addition, the current upturn in construction activity is seeing a marked resource shortage of experienced, competent and available Quantity Surveyors.

TempTask can help.  

Engage a TempTask QS the next time that you are finding difficulties in receiving overdue payments.  Our panel of Quantity Surveyors are fully skilled and versed in construction payment protocols, Forms of Contract and Subcontract and current legislative requirements including The Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2013, and are all fully capable of fighting your corner to help you achieve your entitlements and, most importantly, get paid on time.

We provide the UK’s first and only fully online service dedicated to outsourcing the most frequently required Quantity Surveying tasks on an individual, flexible, ad hoc basis. 

TempTask is ideal for Main Contractors, Subcontractors, Developers or Consultants who have a need for a specific task to be undertaken and do not have the resource of a Quantity Surveyor, require a specific area of expertise that current staff resource does not hold or have an upturn in workload requiring additional short term resource to supplement existing resources

We facilitate the matching of Main Contractors, Subcontractors, Developers or Consultants with a need for a Quantity Surveyor with experienced, qualified and competent registered and verified Quantity Surveyors able to provide their services on an individual task, nil-commitment basis. 

All posted tasks on TempTask are tendered to a panel of matched Quantity Surveyors to ensure best value.  Simply choose from your returned tenders the one that best fits according to your drivers – budget, experience, location or expertise

We provide the facilities to get tasks delivered online, including payment through our ecommerce facilities, and our own TempTask Messenger service giving you communication and file sharing tools.

Interim Applications for payment, final accounts and claim management are just a sample of the standard suite of tasks that can be outsourced with TempTask. We have a Quantity Surveyor available that can carry out virtually any QS task to meet your requirements.

Registration is simple, completely free and takes only a couple of minutes via our online form.

Visit us now at TempTask.co.uk to find out more about how we work. We look forward to welcoming you on board!

Added: 09 Jun 2016 00:00

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