About Us

TempTask.co.uk Quantity Surveying was devised to provide an online automated outsourcing Web Application, delivering the provision of the services of experienced, qualified and competent Quantity Surveyors to Main Contractors, small Contractors, Subcontractors, Consultancies and developers  on a nil commitment, flexible basis, for the most widely used duties and task requirements.


Welcome to TempTask

At TempTask, we’re proud to offer what in our opinion is the UK’s first and best Web Application specifically dedicated to outsourcing Quantity Surveying requirements

Devised by experienced Quantity Surveyors, we have vast experience of clients who do not have the resource of a Quantity Surveyor and see them not achieve their entitlement, or have a hard time getting to that end result.

If you are a client with a need for a specific task completing and do not have the resource of a Quantity Surveyor, you need a specific task performing requiring a specific area of expertise that your staff resource does not hold, or an upturn in work means additional resource is required short term for a specific task to supplement your existing resources, we solve these problems, providing a means of a client engaging with a suitable experienced and capable professional, delivering a quality service.

We work by facilitating the matching of Clients who are looking for Quantity Surveyors to carry out Quantity Surveying tasks on their behalf, with experienced, qualified and competent Quantity Surveyors who are registered on our site and are willing and able to provide their services on an individual task, nil-commitment basis.

You directly contract with your chosen Quantity Surveyor, and we provide facilities for you to get tasks delivered.  We handle payment, and facilitate payment through our ecommerce facilities, enabling you to get the task you need done, completed quickly and efficiently without the barriers and time constraints of procurement.  We provide the tools to assist in delivery of your requirements through our TempTask Messenger service allowing communication and file sharing.

The automation of the website is a new way of these delivering services. The process is as automated as possible, saving both time and expense to the client and their chosen Quantity Surveyor



Register for FreeTempTask is only available for commercial use and not available to consumers.  We operate on the basis of registered users, clients and Quantity Surveyors, whose identification has been vetted and verified.

Registration is simple and takes only a couple of minutes to complete via completion of our online form.

Simply tell us all about yourself.  Who you are, where you are, and the industry sector that you operate in.  Add in your company logo if you want to.  This will be made available to any QS undertaking a task on your behalf to include your own branding within any task that they produce for you

Registration for Clients is free – forever.  Our registered Quantity Surveyors are charged an annual subscription fee, so only reliable, committed and trusted Quantity Surveyors are made available

Once your account is created, you can log in to raise new tasks, view the status of and carry out on-going tasks and also review historic tasks that have been previously completed on your behalf.

In addition, once registered, you are also able to take advantage of all the facilities offered by the TempTask associated family of services, with many more professional services and trades soon to be added to the facilities offered by TempTask.


What type of work can I get done?

TempTask has identified the most widely requested tasks required from a Quantity Surveyor, but any task associated with the profession can be requested, subject to a suitable and competent Quantity Surveyor matching your requirements being registered. 

This could be a simple day to day task for a Quantity Surveyor, such as an estimate for a scheme, the production of a Bill of Quantities, an interim valuation, or the production of a final account

We have a vast range of skilled and experienced Quantity Surveyors at every level registered, from every industry sector, who can fulfil the requirements of your task.


How do I order a task?

TempTask has a simple 4 step procedure to getting your required task delivered:

Step 1 - Create your TempTask

Step 1Simply complete the online form to detail the task that you require.

Tell us the location, sector of work, and task required, either selecting from our pre-defined list of tasks, or by specifying your own unique task description.



Step 2 – Select your professional

Step 2Choose whether to use a specific Quantity Surveyor to undertake your task from an existing working relationship, or have us tender to a panel of specifically selected and matched Quantity Surveyors registered to TempTask to your requirements to ensure maximum cost efficiency.

Tenders from matching Quantity Surveyors are returned to you for your consideration within the timescale that you have chosen, along with their own Terms and Conditions for delivering your task.

We provide a schedule of all tenders submitted for your consideration, ranked by price, experience and our own ranking system based on the previous performance of our Quantity Surveyors as judged by you, the Clients.

Competitive tendering of tasks ensures best value and best choice of Quantity Surveyor is provided to clients.

The facility to select a chosen Quantity Surveyor ensures an efficient continuity of repeat tasks and building of strong working relationships


Step 3 – Accept and Pay

Step 3Review your returned tender prices, along with the terms and conditions submitted by the matched Quantity Surveyors and accept the one that best suits.

Pay for your task via our ecommerce facilities enabling you to quickly and easily pay via PayPal and most credit/debit cards

Monies are held by TempTask in our holding account and only released to your chosen Quantity Surveyor on your acceptance of the completed task.

Any increases or decreases in the scope of your task are managed through our built in variation process, and applicable changes in fee negotiated directly between the Client and Quantity Surveyor.


Step 4 – Receive your Completed Task

Step 4We provide the facilities for you to communicate with your selected Quantity Surveyor throughout the task via our in-built TempTask Messenger system, and provide the facility to upload and share documentation necessary to undertake the task.

If the task changes, we provide the mechanism for the Client and Quantity Surveyor to agree this change, and facilitate payment through our ecommerce facilities.

Once completed, you will be notified that the task is complete and be asked to approve your completed task.  If you feel that the task is incomplete and needs a little more work, don’t worry.  We will communicate this to your selected Quantity Surveyor and ensure that the task is complete to your satisfaction.

Only upon your acceptance of the completed task do we release payment to your selected Quantity Surveyor.


Dispute Review

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, but should a dispute arise and agreement cannot be reached between a Client and QS, TempTask offer a Dispute Review service.

On request, TempTask will carry out an independent review of your dispute, talk to both parties and try and reach an amicable resolution.

A contribution towards the costs of our Dispute Review service of £300.00 plus VAT is charged and equally shared between the Client and their chosen Quantity Surveyor (£150.00 plus VAT each). TempTask will cover any additional costs over and above this.


Safety and Security

We take your handling your information seriously.  We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, registration number ZA169047 and comply with their requirements.


SSL LogoOur website is encrypted with SSL security. All user data is secure, encrypted using SSL for the optimum protection.


PayPalWe hold no payment information on our site.  All payment information is retained external to our site by our ecommerce provider, PayPal.


TempTask LogoWe only release payments once you tell us that you are satisfied with your completed task.  Our dispute review procedure is there if you need it, to ensure that any disputes are handled quickly and professionally to mutual satisfaction.